Vega Pack M-Series HFFS
(Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Pouching Machine)

The Vega Pack M-200 is specifically designed to meet the needs of consumer packaged goods companies in the food, home and personal care markets. This machine has been designed and developed at Mamata’s facility located in Bradenton, Florida with a USA-based team. It is truly innovative and a unique HFFS pouching machine. This new generation machine balances high line-speed with a small footprint and brings the flexibility of being able to process both laminated and co-extruded films with ease. Using a series of servo driven automation functions the M-Series was designed to offer repeatable, automated no-fuss changeovers (less than 20 minutes). State-of-the-art servo technology and design deliver unparalleled operational efficiency and the lowest per-pack costs in the business.

The machine can be optioned to operate in minimal wash down environments or full wash down environments. To see more about the M-Series options and model types please visit use the link below to visit the product page.

Click here to see the M-Series product page

Vega Pack X-Series HFFS
(Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Pouching Machine)

The X-Series is the evolution of a multitude of design ideas and philosophies, using the latest in cutting edge technology the X-Series, simply put, has capabilities that no other machine tout. The Mamata team aimed to break all of the fundamental wisdoms of HFFS packaging machines with the X-Series. Click the link below to see the product page for details of the industry changing X-Series.

Click here to see the X-Series product page

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