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Vega Pack M-200 Series

The VegaPack M-200 is specifically designed to meet the needs of consumer packaged goods companies in the food, home and personal care markets. This machine has been designed and developed at Mamata’s Application Center located in Bradenton Florida with a USA-based design team.

iX-Series Fill+Seal Machines (pre-made pouches)

Mamata Fill+Seal machines set new standards in versatility, output, efficiency, fast changeover and cost of ownership. Unparalleled output can be achieved due to the combination of uniquely engineered Mamata pouch handling systems and the versatile iTRAK pouch conveyor system. Offered in standard and hygienic versions, there are various models available to fit your specific application and pouch size range.

Vega Pack 300S

A World Classs Technology in Multi Track VFFS Sachet Packaging at an affordable value…
Precise dosing, Low Wastage, Easy Job Change-overs, Excellent Sealing Consistency and High Rate of Production are the key benefits offered by “VEGA PACK 300-S” – A Servo Driven Microprocessor Controlled Sachet Packing System.

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