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The Vega 610 has a good cost/benefit ratio and we are pleased with the advanced features of the machine, especially its excellent sealing control. Ideal applications include products that require absolute seal integrity and are made of more difficult-to-handle webs. Examples include boil-in-bag pouches for food and sauce products, large bags of nutritional powders or other dry food and mix items, lawn and garden products such as seeds and fertilizers, containment of liquids or smaller pouches for transport, etc

Sal Pellingra
Ampac Packaging LLC, USA

“We are extremely pleased with the quality and performance of our Mamata equipment and their responsiveness to our service and innovation needs. We look forward to our close association with Mamata for our future bag making requirements.”

Mr. Steven P. Rosenberg

” In 2005, after inspecting Mamata wicketers at their factory in India, I immediately decided to purchase 3 of them because I was impressed by their engineering, robust construction, flexibility and ease of operation. The excellent performance of these machines and the high caliber of Mamata’s technical and administrative staff have certainly contributed to our company’s success. We have since purchased 2 more Mamata bag machines and we are now giving serious consideration to purchasing more of them as we execute our growth strategy.”

Elliot Berger
USC Bag Manufacturing, LLC, USA
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